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Meet Keith

At eighteen, he wrote his first short story. It was a murder mystery only thirteen pages long. On Christmas morning, before anyone had the first cup of coffee, his family noticed that the presents under the tree were gone, and in their place were three manila envelopes. Merry Christmas! You must solve the mystery to find the gifts! It was this short story that led to a lifelong love of writing. (Note: Despite several threats from his older brother, Keith did not surrender the Christmas packages until the mystery was solved.)

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The Accidental World

The Accidental World is for all readers who understand there’s more to reality than meets the eye, who dream of another world just beyond reach, and who sometimes wish time ran a little bit differently.

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The Red Ink Society

When I downloaded the first draft of The Accidental World onto my wife’s Kindle, she had no idea it was there, and she had no idea I

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